Verizon Boosts Media Platform With Personalization, Smart Routing

Getting the jump on IBC, Verizon has announced three enhancements to its Media Platform: Smartplay Content Targeting, Smartplay Stream Routing, and Ad Server Debug.

With Smartplay Content Targeting, content providers can tailor each stream to the viewer’s location or device, and honor blackout restrictions while providing alternate content. The tool’s easy interface lets clients schedule blackouts and plan personalized selections by creating audiences, building rulesets, and applying their selections where needed.

“OTT personalization hinges on the performance of the manifest server to generate a unique playlist of content, ads, and playback instructions for every user. You need to be sure you can personalize content and match local content rights, regardless of how many viewers are watching,” says Ariff Sidi, chief product officer for Verizon Media. “Smartplay allows you to build audiences and rulesets that are reinforced on every asset, for every viewer that presses play, anywhere in the world.”

Enhancements to Verizon Media’s Smartplay Stream Routing let the video traffic system tap into performance data from across Verizon’s global network to understand problem areas ahead of time. When it sees a network outage, it automatically reroutes around it. Sidi calls the system CDN-agnostic, making decisions entirely based on performance metrics.

Finally, the improved Ad Server Debug stores OTT ad transaction data for 14 days, including errors, timeouts, and tracking issues. Clients can use that to get a big picture view of their ad operations, then analyze performance and troubleshoot recurring problems.

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