Netflix Rules in Global OTT Demand, But its Lead Is Slipping

Netflix is the undisputed king for over-the-top (OTT) video around the globe, but for how much longer? A report released today from industry analysis firm Parrot Analytics said that Netflix commands 64.6% of the demand for digital original series. Parrot surveyed over 100 markets to get its rankings.

A look at two year’s worth of data for 10 major markets, however, shows that Netflix’s lead is decreasing. For calendar year 2018, Netflix had a demand share of 71%.

For the first time, Netflix’s share of demand is under 50% for some combinations of markets and genres. For example, competition for action/adventure titles in the US and Japan has pushed Netflix’s demand share to around 47.5%.

After Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has the next highest global demand share for digital originals, with 10.3%, followed by Hulu (7.7%), DC Universe (5.2%), and CBS All Access (4.4%).

In the U.S., drama is the most popular genre for digital originals (35.4% of demand), followed by comedy (23.1%), action/adventure (14.0%), and children (7.5%). The most in-demand subgenre in the U.S. is superhero series,

Parrot’s data reflects demand, not views, and the firm often calculates demand scores for series that aren’t yet available in a given market. For more data, download The Global Television Demand Report 2019 Q1 for free (registration required).

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