MadHive and Inscape Partner to Blend OTT and Linear TV Ad Buys

Advertisers enjoy the advanced targeting that over-the-top (OTT) TV gives, them, but that becomes one more platform to deal with in an increasingly fragmented world, notes Adam Helfgott, CEO of advanced TV ad company MadHive. What he believes is needed is a way to combine linear and OTT ad buying, especially with local channels.  

To create that solution, MadHive is partnering with Inscape, which provides viewing data from over 11 million connected TVs. Using the combined solution, advertisers can run cross-platform media campaigns that serve linear and streaming viewers, benefiting from real-time analytics that let them optimize their placements. Broadcasters can sell linear ads alongside data-driven OTT, while brands can reach local ad viewers and streamers in one buy.

“Advertisers are increasingly looking to take advantage of optimized OTT ad buys especially using local broadcaster inventory,” says Jodie McAfee, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Inscape. “This deal brings optimized cross-platform advertising to all local TV markets in the U.S. regardless of what service provider a home uses to bring OTT into the home.”

A recent study conducted by MadHive found that 18% of OTT inventory is fraudulent. The company uses cryptography to verify that the ads it serves are shown in the right places.

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