Comcast Advertising Creates Initiative for Addressable TV Ads

Addressable advertising will be coming to pay TV services in a big way, and Comcast Advertising is leading the charge. The division launched an initiative called On Addressability today, with the stated goal of creating “a sound, scalable, and sustainable addressable solution.” Charter Communications and Cox Media are already on board.

Addressable advertising has so far been the provenance of streaming services, as it uses customer data to serve individual ads to each viewer. While streaming services use addressable ads to provide a level of targeting that mainstream advertisers want, they lack the reach of traditional television. That’s where Comcast’s initiative stands to make a big impression.

The On Addressability initiative will start by helping distributors enable addressability, using lessons from Comcast, Sky Media, and other partners. Other goals include creating definitions and standards, educating advertisers on addressability’s value, and identifying best practices.  

A recent Comcast Advertising survey showed that advertisers’ key challenges around addressable advertising are getting better measurement, proving return on investment, and buying at scale.

“Television is one of the most powerful marketing mediums, but historically, it has lagged the data, targeting, and measurement capabilities of digital,” says Marcien Jenckes, president of advertising for Comcast Cable. “At Comcast Advertising, we understand that the industry needs to come together and do what is necessary to achieve addressability at scale. That’s why we’ve joined together with Charter and Cox to launch the On Addressability initiative and this call-to-action for the industry.”

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